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My home lab comprises a few different servers. Due to budgetary constraints and low power usage requirements, these are mainly Raspberry Pis, and the Pi 4 is used to run both my main router, and another general purpose server. In addition to these servers, which run locally, I also have a couple of CCTV cameras running MotionEyeOS, and a couple of remote servers, including a NAS at an offsite location and a VPS for traffic proxying and VPN.


For ease of maintenance, and to enable local TLS certificates without exposing sites to the internet, I set a home domain of, for home devices. Being local addresses, these are not on any public DNS servers. For the address ranges, VLANs and DNS assignments, see here.


  • modem: Upstream Router (not in Modem Mode), VM Hub 3
  • sw0: Main Switch, Netgear GS308EP
  • info-highway: My Router, Pi 4


  • info-highway
  • running-lion: Local NAS, Other General Purpose, Pi 4
  • cctvX: CCTV Camera, Various Pis1
  • apX: House Wireless Access Points, Netgear WAX214


  • Various Tuya-based smart plugs and bulbs (eventually hoping to reflash or completely remove internet access), plugX or lightX with DHCP reservation.
  • ESPHome-based sensors (fridge-monitor, lounge-sensor, etc.)
  • Amazon Echos
  • Smart TVs


  • Short lived guest devices


  • diving-orca: Offsite Backup NAS, Pi 4
  • general0: General purpose VPS, OVH

  1. Eventually, I'd like to isolate cameras into their own VLAN, but this involves having more switches supporting VLAN tagging.