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IoT Devices

This page mostly serves as a refernece to myself as to what devices are where in the house, which ones to buy again, and which ones fail frequently. My smart devices are all on my IoT VLAN, meaning that their internet connections are all separate to the main LAN traffic and I can hopefully eventually wall them off from the internet, using things such as Local Tuya.

Devices follow a sequential numbering order, with a label on each plug. When a device is retired, the number can be reused, and the DHCP DNS assignment is also updated.


This may not be up to date, and does not list the MAC address of the device, as this could hypothetically be used to locate me through wardriving. For the full list (won't work externally), go here → Static Leases.

Hostname Type Notes
light1 Lombex LX-BW09 RGBW Smart Bulb. Seldom used, but activated by asking to switch the 'big light' on
plug1 eLinkSmart BSD29 Boiler light currently Tuya
plug2 TECKIN SP27 Lounge small corner light currently tuya
plug3 eLinkSmart BSD29 Lounge big corner light used Tuya cloudcutter so localtuya
plug4 eLinkSmart BSD29 Currently unassigned. Currently uses Tuya cloud
plug5 LocalBytes Replaced broken TECKIN. Runs ESPhome. Monitors
plug6 eLinkSmart BSD29 Desk lights. Can be reprogrammed. Currently on main Tuya
plug7 LocalBytes TV corner.
plug8 LocalBytes Bed corner.

Device Specific Notes

eLinkSmart BSD29

Sometimes unreliable connecting to Wi-Fi. Tried to flash with Pi Pico programmer with open source firmware, but don't think the Pi contains the right pins to drive it. Tuya cloudcutter worked fine.


Broken won't stop switching on and off.

Useful Info

Make sure AP is not obstructed or you'll get horrible performance and loads of failed pings. Must be lack of MIMO as phone can do 2.4G fine.

Cloud Cutting

Can take apart devices but Pico won't flash them using the attached method for the eLinkSmart plugs they were susceptible to the Tuya attack, so slowly migrating.

Need to work out the Alexa integration.

Emulated Hue

  • Setup with all plugs, only add lights to the room groups, all other devices manually switch on and off
  • All Alexas need to be on the same VLAN atm, looking at a possible way to allow inter-VLAN communications so can put Alexa back on IoT VLAN
  • Other approach might include the idea of multiple IPs on the running-lion server