Hi! I'm Charlie.





Please email me for a copy of my CV.

Who am I?

I am an MEng Computer Science student studying at the University of Southampton, with a keen interest in the cyber security aspect of the course. Since starting, I've learned Java and Haskell, giving me competence in both more conventional OOP and then also a very strict functional language, which I have actually quite enjoyed. I have made use of dependency management tools such as Maven and Stack, in addition to writing and implementing test suites. I've also got production apps running in NodeJS and Go, both of which I've slowly picked up in my own time. We've dabbled in some low level C briefly and I'm looking forward to my embedded systems module, where I'll be learning bare-metal programming much more in depth.

I enjoy looking at new languages and libraries to implement things, in particular I've really enjoyed discovering property-based testing with Hspec. I've got limited experience with performance testing and benchmarking of programs but find it very rewarding when I can optimise a function or code block and save some precious time. I've been exposed to the joys of SQL and normalising databases, in addition to data manipulation and analysis using some GNU tools and I daily drive Linux on my personal computer because I love the philosophy, collaboration and transparency in the software I use.

Besides programming the logic behind things, I (can) enjoy some basic front-end design, mostly using Figma for mockups and prototyping, with more refined designs worked into a loose proof-of-concept on my CodePen. My front end production apps are somewhat limited in scope and scale, such as a Song History Site and a Song Challenge Generator (which is paired with an Alexa skill).

I also do lots of systems administration and am involved in the management of CSLib, which is an extracurricular computing service run by students for students. This has been useful in teaching me more about enterprise networking and management, in a way that's not mission critical and doesn't really lead to any expensive downtime. I'm also systems administrator for the online radio network Chill Radio, which I manage in addition to several other online radios with my partners.

I've also been to Hacksoton and Hackpompey, where I've learned lots of new skills and met like minded people.

Personal Life

Outside my studies and IT-related work I enjoy cooking, playing a bit of guitar and going out and about in my camper van. I've got a page of things I like, where hopefully we'll find a common interest!

I'd also like to say I'm quite mechanically minded and can't just do with not understanding how things work. I enjoy dismantling old things to see what's inside and playing around with some small electronics if I have a spare moment. I service and maintain both my car and van in addition to helping out with the boats and trailers at the university boat club too, and I've found out that cars are a lot more complicated and intricate than first thought, who would've guessed?

Want to talk Business?

If you're interested in hiring me I'm quite happy to share a portfolio of past work and discuss your project with you. If that's you then don't hesitate to contact me through my email with details about your project or idea and I'll get back to you as swiftly as possible. Whilst I can't guarantee I'll have prior experience with everything, I should be able to adapt to your needs with relative ease.