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EURO 2 - Days 1 & 2

So on friday night (7th April), my dad, my brother and I embarked on a journey of a lifetime. (Just kidding).

We set off on friday at about 5pm, ready to get to the port of newhaven for 11. We had McDonalds and prepared for the 3 hours of sleep which we'd be lucky to get on the ferry. At around 4 in the morning, we got off the ferry and drove for about an hour to a small Aire in the middle of nowhere where we managed to get another couple of hours sleep.

Once the sun had risen and the day was upon us, we set off on a very boring 8 hour journey to a small village called Landénevaac. We got very bored of the travels throughout the day and vowed to travel for only a few hours the next day.

At Landénevaac, we couldn't find an open campsite so we decided to park in a little spot right by the sea. We had cassoulet for supper before getting a well earned night of rest. In the morning, we went for a walk along the seafront and came across a 'feather tree' which we thought was rather amusing.

We set off for a much shorter journey on the Sunday where we looked for a campsite and got some supplies from the local E.Leclerc. In the afternoon, we arrived at the campsite which was right by the sea and had a lovely view but was unfortunately a bit windy.

For dinner in the evening, we collected some lovely fresh oysters, of which there was a plentiful supply, and had some confit duck for our main meal. Then I edited the vlog before we went to bed and had a hot chocolate.

That was days (0), 1 & 2 of the trip. I hope you enjoyed reading it and will be reading the rest of the posts about our road trip.